AXIP Gas Lift Solutions

Gas Lift compression at scale presents challenges, and requires a partner like Axip that can provide:


  • Without constant injection, every minute of downtime is another minute the well is loading up.
  • Lost production isn’t limited to the time the injection stops — it also means sub-optimal production until the well unloads itself.


  • Wellhead gas lift at scale is personnel-intensive due to the large number of dispersed compressors, remote locations, and size of leaseholds.
  • Experienced operators are difficult to find, and the compressor is the most complex piece of equipment on-site.


  • Gas lift requires flexibility as single-well sites become multi-well sites, and as pressures, volumes, and optimal injection rates change.
  • Replacement mobilization and construction costs add up quickly if compression systems are inflexible.

Axip specializes in large-scale (50+ unit) wellhead gas lift programs, which we support with innovative and industry-leading features:

  • Advanced features and automatic start on both gas-driven and zero-emission electric units
    • Push-button start
      • Push a single button to pre-lube, blow down, and start up unit.
    • Remote / automatic restart
      • Units are programmed to allow remote or automatic restart after certain predetermined shutdowns.
    • Reactive speed control
      • Units are capable of automatically reducing RPM when approaching certain kill settings, which preserves a reduced injection rate instead of shutdown and total loss of production.

Axip Modular Gas Lift system for centralized gas lift supported by multiple compressors provides:

  • Rapid install
    • Multiple-unit rack system can be mobilized on a single truck and fully installed in a matter of hours.
  • Reliability
    • Multiple units provide redundant capacity for gas lift where constant injection is critical.
  • Flexibility
    • Ramp up and down between 200 and 800 HP as new wells are brought online, volumes decline, and optimal injection rates change.

Axip Gas Lift Solutions